Selling Your House Alone?


Caution is the Key When Your FSBO



You've handled the minor repairs, applied some fresh paint, done your market analysis and determined a good asking price.  So now you're ready to let buyers line up and take a look…. or are you?

There are a few more things you should remember before you start showing your home.  

Predators have figured out that if they can persuade someone to show them a home it’s an excellent opportunity to commit a crime.  It never really occurs to most people that anyone would want to rob them or do them harm.  Do you realize that you are allowing strangers into your house?  You must take precautionary steps before and while selling your property.  A great safety tool for the FSBO is requiring that all your buyers be pre-qualified before showing them your property.   Pre-qualifying for all buyers not only adds a measure of safety to the process but also makes good business sense.  For pre-qualifying to be effective you must verify all the information.   Good verification reduces your chances of being victimized.  No amount of money is worth the safety of your family


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